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Croeso and welcome to Nursery and Reception, our teachers are Mrs Hughes and Mrs Finucane.


This half-term our topic is


“Pitter Patter Puddle Play”


We are playing, we are learning.


Look at what we have been doing.



Clicking on the link above will take you to the class 'Blog'.

A blog is a website that can be contributed to by children, staff, parents and carers. The aim of the blog is to enhance learning by creating a link between home and school.

The blog will be updated on a regular basis with thinking questions, mathematical problems, examples of childrens work and much more.

Is it safe?

Yes. Blogs are very safe if they are managed carefully. EVERYTHING that people write on the blog is moderated before it appears. This means that all comments are read and checked to decide if they are appropriate. The children are taught to only use their first names on the blog, and lots of work is done to ensure that they know how to use it responsibly and safely. No email addresses, phone numbers or other personal data is allowed on the blog.











































Take a look at some of these e-books and share them with your child.  We shall be updating them regularly:








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